Manufacturing Partners

Working hand-in-hand with our manufacturing partners helps us build stronger partnerships and bring you products of value.

Heritage. Beauty. Skill.
Silk Scarves

Our silk scarves are manufactured by a beautiful company, that's been located at the heart of the European silk capital in northern Italy for almost 80 years. The company is still family-owned and highly values its people and heritage. When we first entered the company we were greated by all three generations of owners, who are all still active at the company. Decades of knowledge and experience, combined with curiousity and innovation, make this company quite extraordinary to work with. The care, joy and attention to detail that goes into every scarf, honors the tradition of the area and is wonderful proof of how "Made in Italy" has become synonymous with excellence.

History. Family. Respect.

Our knitwear producer is located in the Aegean Region in Türkiye. From the fist moment we set foot in the company building we were met with a warmth that makes the building feel more like a home than a factory. The company is family-owned and the founder can frequently be found working on the knitwear among the employees. We are not only proud to work with such an experienced partner on our knitwear but are deeply impressed by the respect and appreciation that is shown to each employee. Most of the employees have been with the company for many years, some even decades. They get to work in a clean, safe and warm environment and receive free lunch, snack and drinks throughout the day. The company pays significantly higher salaries than the industry standard in the area and provides all employees and their families with a stable income and a decent quality of living.

The organic cotton in our knitwear is incredibly soft on the skin. The cotton is grown in Turkey, where our knitwear is also made. Keeping as many production processes in one place helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.