Return Program

As part of our 360° Initiative we take back all of our clothing items – no matter how long you've had it for.
In return for your support of our initiative, we reward you with a voucher. 
Item Reward
The Better Half | 100 % organic cotton
The AM/PM | 100 % organic cotton
CHF 11
The Editor Polo | 100 % organic cotton
CHF 11
The Signature Silk Scarves 70 cm x 70 cm | 100 % organic silk
CHF 10
The Seeker Beanie | organic cotton CHF 5
The Oh-So-Versatile Scarf | 100 % organic cotton CHF 9

 If you don't remember which item you had, it's not a big deal.

The reward depends on the material and product type. Just check the composition label and reach out to us. 

Sounds good? Please make sure...

... that all the products you request a reward for are actually from us.

... that the items are cleaned and free of odours before you send them in.

Steps to your Reward

1. Check the tag

Take note of what your PRERI garment or accessory is made of.

2. Send your request

Click below and send us a message containing (1) the product type, (2) composition of the product you want to send us and (3) your address, like so:

"Sweater, 100 % cotton, your address"

3. Receive a shipping lable

We will email you pre-paid shipping label with Swiss Post. You only have to print it out and attach it to your package.

4. Get rewarded

Once your garment arrives at our facility it will be processed. You will receive your voucher within 48 hours. It can be used at whenever you need something new, without expiration date.